Eugenio Martignago

Eugenio Martignago

Eugenio Martignago    Jason Connolly

Executive Chef Eugenio Martignago knew at a young age that his life’s ambition would be creating savory marvels. Born and raised in Musano Italy, a small town just outside of Venice, Italy, Martignago grew up on a farm helping his family with harvests and visits to the local markets. After graduating from Scuala Alberghiera di Venezia , Martignago’ s passion for refining his cooking style led him to Germany and France where he cooked alongside some of the finest chefs in the world.

Prior to joining West, Martignago worked at Nick’s Fish Market and the Black Orchid in Honolulu, and Bistango in Orange County and Los Angeles. Today, Martignago harvests much of the produce and vegetables on the menu from the West Farm, a three acre plot of land located in Carlsbad, just three miles from the restaurants.

As a recent culinary guest at the James Beard House in New York, Martignago is known for demonstrating his creativity in the kitchen by often planting particular vegetables with a special menu in mind. True to his childhood passion, Martignago works in the farm each day bringing a true an authentic farm to table experience to both restaurants.

Bringing French and Italian influence to the menu offerings at Bistro West and West Steak and Seafood, Martignago describes his cooking style as a collage of his culinary experiences from around the world, making for the perfect bite.

“Rice is born in water and must die in wine.”
Italian Proverb